Monday, July 6, 2015

Missed Call Campaign

Missed Call Campaign : Please give missed call on the number 08030636030 and send emails to to show support.The campaign is hosted by Queer Collective India, a Queer and cis-gendered alliance initiative, and can be reached at Queer Collective India facebook page or their page

Importance: 2nd July 2009. Delhi,

In a historic judgement , Delhi High Court overturned the 150 year old section, legalizing consensual homosexual activities between adults. The essence of the court while striking it down was "section goes against the fundamental right of human citizens"
This was reversed on 11th December 2013 by Supreme Court which upheld the actions and current stand on the issue that section 377 of Indian Penal Code is constitutionally valid.

Intended to revisit the basic argument of human rights and reflect on our past

The event took place in 6 different locations in Bangalore Brigade Road, Indira nagar, Malleswaram, Kamannahalli, Koramangala, Bellandur Cental Mall , on Sunday 5th July 2015 between 4 pm -7 pm with 37 volunteers distributing 4000 pamphlets in aggregate in less than 3 hours and over 500 missed calls received in support.
Following feedbacks were received by volunteers from different locations who wished not to be named: -

"My experience was that it was truly engaging. People showed solidarity.
"Some people who thought it was just another event actually showed a lot of empathy. One person actually said, the government has no business in bedrooms.”

"Will I be registered as gay, if I give missed call?" Except for this one incident, everyone else was    OK. Some started taking their mobile   to give missed call."

"The experience was empowering. I had mixed responses, most of which were positive or impassive. Best was when a girl actually wanted to help me, she  noted the email    address and another girl spoke very positively".

"It was lovely experience for me today distributing the "Love equality" pamphlets.      There were a lot of couples who were very supportive and interactive. A lot of young  crowd (teenagers) were supportive as well and    said they knew about the LGBTQIA  community."

"I also had a lunch get together with my relatives today at home and I handed over the pamphlets and explained to all of them about it and got their full support as well."

"Mix of reactions, few supportive and interested, few shy and embarrassed. But never a negative reaction. Only 10% were aware about LGBT or section 377.Thankfully, some people became aware of the scenario today."

"A girl came up to me and said that she was not sure about her sexuality and wanted to find out more about it but was unsure what ways could be used. We asked her to reach us out on email or facebook page."


Monday, June 22, 2015

Queer Hugs Bangalore

“It’s completely your right and you are free to choose what you like”, said a 13 year old girl to a group of LGBTIQ people standing on a Sunday evening at MG road asking for free hugs for equality and seeking the public opinion on rights and social stigma towards LGBTIQ in India. She was accompanied by her Mother who looked proudly on her while she gave a support message.

The month of June was chosen for LGBTIQ Pride Month to commemorate the Stonewall riots, which occurred at the end of June 1969.

Public stopped to look at the placards and talked about their support for queer rights, their stories about queer friends, daughters/ sons and co-workers, and what will their reaction be if someone from their friends or family came out to them as LGBTIQ. A supporter also said that they want to be a part of PFLAG (Parents , Family and Friends of Lesbian and Gay) in Bangalore.

Some Transgenders from around the world, who were walking by ,saw the event and were so happy that something like this was happening in India freely , joined the cause and stood for free hugs.
“Everyone should have the right to love whomever they want.”, said an IT professional who identified as straight and ally, and gave hug to every volunteer present.
The event was organized and coordinated by a group of queer members belonging to various support and activist group across Bangalore. And they talked to more than 250 people and collected written messages from about 150 people of general public.
As the most of the public was supportive and glad that such event was being held, there were a few who were unsure. A 50 year old catholic lady said that although she found it against the order of nature, everyone had the right to be happy. A 30 year old guy identifying as gay, passing by with his straight friends said that public display of equality and love was not needed and people should exercise their rights in their bedrooms behind closed doors.